Thursday, February 28, 2019

Blu And Oh No - A Long Red Hot Los Angeles Summer Night

01. Intro
02. The Lost Angels Anthem (Feat. Kezia)
03. It Never Rains in South L.A.
04. Round Bout Midnight (Feat. Abstract Rude And Self Jupiter)
05. Straight No Chaser (Feat. Donel Smokes)
06. Boogie to Flex (Feat. Definite, Ca$hus King And MED)
07. Champagne
08. The Robbery (Feat. Montage One And Tristate)
09. Liquor Store (Feat. Donel Smokes And Ca$hus King)
10. Made the Call (Feat. Definite, Ca$hus King And MED)
11. Stalkers (Feat. Donel Smokes)
12. Pop Shots
13. Do the Crime
14. Murder Case (Feat. Brandi Price)
15. Facing Time
16. Jail Cypher (Feat. Playa Haze, Mic Holden, Ayun Bassa, Jabee, Carl Roe And LocalBlac)
17. Fresh Out | MediaFire

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